Brief Introduction

Jiayang · ila Lake Scenic Spot

Sichuan Province, Leshan City, Qianwei County Jiayang · Tree Lake tourist attraction

adjacent to the shore of the Giant Buddha, adjacent to Jiazhou Yang. With its unique geographical environment and full of legendary historical stories, the Jiayang · Tree-fern Lake tourist attraction was born here.

Jiayang · Tree-fern Lake tourist attraction is a national AAAA level tourist attraction, with local landscape, biological landscape and cultural landscape everywhere. Whether it is ecological sightseeing or cultural experience, you can find the answer you want.

The core area of the scenic area, the plantain ditch, still retains the bright and strong mark of that red age. You can savor the history of Jiayang full of hardships and glory, and feel the years of those passion burning again. Starting from Baogou, you can also enjoy more ways of Jiayang Lake tourist attraction.

Led us through the mountains, see the beautiful scenery of the "industrial revolution living fossil" Jiayang small train.


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