of the "living fossil of the industrial revolution" in the beautiful landscape

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Area: Qianwei County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, Jiayang · Tree-fern Lake tourist attraction

Customer service telephone number: 0833-4092599

Wechat official account: Jiayang tree-fern Lake

Microsignal: gh_856077d07b01

Address: No. 2, the middle section of Bagou Town, Qianwei County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province

Jiayang Small Train Consulting Tel.: 0833-4092599

Jiayang small train rescue service hotline: 0833-4186300

Cyathea Spinulosa Lake Amusement Park Tel: 15082222223 (Pan Fujian)

Yacht service hotline of Cyathea spinulosa Lake: 15182257578 (Wang Qingsong)

Cyathea spinulosa rescue service hotline: 0833-4097568

Jurassic Adventure Valley Tel: 13398246733 (Yuan Jing)

Jurassic Adventure Valley Sightseeing Bus Service Tel.: 19382727802

Jurassic Adventure Valley Rescue Service Tel.: 18981334405 (Lei Jing)

Huangcunjing Exploration (Dangdang car, small diesel train) Consulting Service Tel.: 18090349832

Huangcun Well Exploration and Rescue Service Tel.: 0833-4096233

Jiayang National Mine Park Museum Tel: 18990660080 (Li Qin)

Bajiaogou Cinema: 18990660080

Complaint hotline: 0833-4092245